Election Night 1996 at The Miami Herald

Graphics Director Bill Castronuovo and I took a video camera to the newsroom of The Miami Herald on Nov. 5, 1996 and taped the activity there for about 12 hours as Bill Clinton won the re-election as president. This video includes many prize winning legends of the Herald newsroom.

Including: Mark Washburn, George Haj,, John Pancake, Aaron Porter, Chris Morris, Mary Behne, Mel Frishman, Larry Olmstead, Doug Clifton, Elisabeth Donovan, Dan Keating, Mike Agrifolio, Liz Heisler, Philip Brooker, Roman Lyskowski, Dennis Copeland, Battle Vaughan, Tiffany Grantham, Julio C. Fernandez, Bill Wachsberger, Amin de Jesus, Ana Acle Menendez, Brad Lehman, Rita Martone, Sandy Matzah, Sue Reisinger, Alison Hamilton, Penny McCrea, Steve Rothaus, Winston Townsend, Jay Ducassi, David Lawrence Jr., Fernando Battaglia, Werner, Connie and Greg.