Resources for High School Journalism in South Florida

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Now and then, friends call me to pick my brain about publishing technology and/or various aspects of their journalism-related projects even though I have not been a working journalist for 15 years, and left KF in 2016. 

Mom taught English at Coral Gables High School from 1960 to 1993, and for most of that time she was the adviser to Cavaleon (the yearbook) and also some of those years she advised Highlights (the school paper). I've come to know a few other public school journalism educators, so here are some resources for them.

Training and Reference


Philanthropic Funders 

KF, my former employer, would normally not fund educators directly but supports RTNDF and other infrastructure that helps keep journalism vital and build trust for credible journalism. The MacArthur Foundation and Ford Foundation are also active in the field. I've never heard of this funder before, but for collegiate student journalists, the Bakala Foundation seems worth checking out. 

Additional Links


If you have experience with additional Florida-oriented, nonprofit resources please let me know and I'll update this page. Use the comment field or the Contact link on this page.