Robertson Adams

Mom’s account of her wedding June 24, 1960

Not that it makes any difference to anybody, but it’s interesting: Today (6/24) would have been Dad’s and my 49th wedding anniversary. It was June 24, 1960, Wilmette Women’s Club, Wilmette, Illinois. Honeymoon, Wisconsin Dells. I had just finished my junior year in college, and Dad was selling life insurance for National Life of Vermont (where his father was a vice president).

We met at the SBX college bookstore where we both worked while attending Northwestern. That was in the fall of 1958, my sophomore year, Bob’s senior year (after his stint in the Marines). Then Bob drove a cab two days a week, 3 a.m. to 3 p.m., while finishing his degree. I worked nearly fulltime at the bookstore, taking all my classes in the morning.

After we married, we lived in an old third-floor walkup apartment on the far north side of Chicago for two years. During that time, I graduated from NU and taught one year at Niles East HS in Skokie, and spent the summer of ’62 in grad school at NU taking one course in linguistics; Dad quit National Life and worked as an assistant buyer for Montgomery Ward in fencing, and then at Marshall Field’s in bed linens. He really hated all his jobs, and the commute by subway to downtown Chicago. Then we moved to Miami in August, 1962. Chapter 2… another time, if you’re interested!

Carlotte and Larry were married the same summer, in August, so they’re approaching their 49th.

xxx, Mom

– Marlene E. Adams, 1998