Robertson Adams

Resources for Assisted Living in South Florida

In 2013 and again in 2015 my parents had medical crises that led to a lot of quick research and frantic visits to assisted living facilities in the South Miami-Dade area.

Mom — who already had diagnoses including diabetes, congestive heart failure and stage-4 kidney disease — suddenly lost all strength in her legs after a minor fall in April 2013.

I started looking for assisted living and skilled-nursing arrangements for her. Ultimately – in consult with a social worker at Baptist Hospital (Kendall Main), we chose to send her home with twice-daily visits by a nursing assistant.

May 21, Mom assigned to Coral Reef Nursing & Rehab (first visit) lasted 2 nights.

Returned to Baptist on 5/23.

Assisted Living / Skilled Nursing Facilities:

Skilled Nursing / Rehabilitation

  • Signature Healthcare of Brookwood Gardens in Homestead ( Dad entered on 4/28/2015
  • Coral Reef Nursing
    • no wi-fi in much of the building (rehab wing)
    • horrible food
    • nurses ignored Dad’s distressed need for mental help
    • nurses did catch his scabies infection which Baptist missed.
  • Hialeah Rehab Hospital
  • Green Briar
  • Miami Jewish Health System Rehab Wing
    • excellent Kosher food.
    • 7 days a week rehab work
    • Very astute and observant staff.
    • Nice bright rooms recently renovated. Lovely grounds.
    • Two or three dining options instead of one.


  • Coral Reef Hospital
  • Baptist Hospital
  • Palmetto General Hospital
  • Hialeah Hospital
  • Social worker will review your case and be sure your home situation is acceptable and safe. If not, they can enforce you going to rehab.

Notes on Medicare

  • 100 days of service before you get booted from rehab, must re-enter as an acute ER case