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Our Kazakh Adoption Resources


Unfortunately they have stopped doing adoption work in Kazakhstan, but we endorse the Maine-based non-profit agency MAPS Adoption and their fine Kazakhstan team including Libby Walch. They guided us through each step, provided timely advice and processed our files as quickly as we could have hoped for. Amazingly they helped us know all the costs in advance. We also thank our fantastic local social worker Efrat Horwitz for making the many required evaluation reports.

Kazakhstan Adoption Resources:

Kazapalooza 2009:


Kaz Tourism
Music: The Magic of Nomads

Kostanay (Qostanay, Kostanai)

Google Earth Locator for Delphin Baby House
Kostanay pics via Panoramio (cool!)″
How to entertain yourself in Kostanay
English verson of Kostanay News website″


We flew on Lufthansa from Miami to Frankfurt. Once a week there’s a flight from Frankfurt direct to Kostanay, and back. Timing your travel to this flight can save literally 20-24 hours off your schedule each way.


Eric Weiner writes for Slate on his Kaz Adoption